Mr. Tottenham Hotspur

Wed, May 04, 2005 - 16:22, News, Administrator,

A new book entitled Mr. Tottenham Hotspur, written by Steve Hale and published by Football World has just been released.

It looks at the life of Bill Nicholson through the eyes of his players, colleagues, football people, supporters and media pundits.

There are contributions from every aspect of the football community and just about anyone who is anyone in relation to Tottenham Hotspur is quoted.

Priced at £9.99 this is a must for any Spurs fan. The publishers have kindly agreed to make a donation to the Tottenham Tribute Trust for every book sold.

One Small Step

Thu, September 16, 2004 - 16:09, News, Administrator,

A Journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step
Lao-tze – c. 550 B.C.

I was clearly in big trouble, yet couldn’t imagine what I’d done to incur such wrath. My favourite Uncle loomed over me; his imposing six and half feet shadow like a threat to my very existence. Like a huge mythological god he towered above me, wagging his finger in a way that underlined my crimes.

I was six years old and about to suffer my fate.

Sentence was passed. They would drag me from the warmth and comfort of my home to another world. I was ‘’Going over the Spurs’’ whether I liked it or not, and nothing on earth would change their minds. – Confusion reigned.

Was it a cinema, was it a theatre, or maybe a punishment that would see me through to old age? Maybe it was the equivalent of being hauled over the coals. Maybe it was exciting; something to capture my imagination forever.
- I soon learned that it was all of those things.

My debut for Tottenham Hotspur F.C. was in September 1960.

Having warmed up for the game on a frothy, refreshing glass of Cream Soda, I was off to meet my teammates for the very first time. With pristine lilywhite shirts, embellished with the proud, crowing cockerel, we dismissed the Aston Villa hordes to the tune of six goals to two. I’ll never forget being raised to the skies while looking down on a wildly celebratory crowd. My accomplices were jubilant too; Blanchflower, Jones, Henry, and John White, and joined in my moment of glory by the mercurial and inspirational Dave Mackay.

As the day passed I just sensed this was right. I emerged injury free and eager for my next Spurs experience, and with no regret about joining such a free-flowing side.

- And if it sounds like I was playing, I apologize. It’s just that it’s always been that way; kicking every ball, heading every aerial threat, and defending the great name of Tottenham Hotspur the only way I knew how – until now.

That was the first step on a small boy’s long journey.

How many memories would he have, and how fortunate that his life ran concurrently with the greatest team in the club’s illustrious history? How many names and characters can we all now recall, and how much affect have they had on all our lives?

I am one of the lucky ones. I have climbed the precipitous terrace of yesteryear, and I have sat in awe and wonder. I have cheered, sang, and leapt to my feet at skills that I can only aspire to. I have seen the glory, glory nights and witnessed the lifting of trophies that have inspired our songs. Now is the time to give something back; to help reward those who entertained that small child, and the larger child he’s become.

In welcoming you to the Tottenham Tribute Trust, I take great pleasure in saying that we, too are supporters. We are dedicated fans of a unique club with an extremely special history. We are Season Ticket holders, club members, and casual visitors.

Neither the pressures of life, nor the regularity of our visits ever diminish our love of those pristine lilywhite shirts and all that goes with them. We happily offer our time in support of what has been growing here since 1882 and hope that the Trust will pass from generation to generation of Spurs fans. There are men out there, maybe in their autumn years, who have hit hard times. They have dazzled, they have mesmerized, they have captured our imaginations. Now it is time to give something back for the time they gave us.

The TTT is dedicated to seeking out those in distress; to make their lives more comfortable, and to show the world that we know how to look after their own sons; the sons of a huge Tottenham Hotspur family.

To the best of my knowledge the TTT is unique in this country. It has been set up to aid those who played for us, and who have maybe been suffering in silence. If you know anyone who fits this bill, we openly welcome your call.

A tiny step for one small boy. - A steadying hand for his past, but not forgotten heroes.

Keith Palmer TTT Board Member


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